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Corruption a dishonest or immoral or illegal behavior of a person is something that can never be justified in the light and basic principles of the Bible. It is an act totally an becoming of a Christian. Money as a measure of value means of storing wealth and as a medium of economic exchange is one of the greatest achievement of humanity. It greatly facilitates trade with its high liquidity. As good and useful it may so be, it also greatly suit the inclinations of the corrupted. Wars, more or less, were fought with money behind the scene and in the process rendering countless number of people homeless, deformed, widows and orphans. It has had brought down and raised many a kings and government.

Global economic down turns or recession are mainly due to the corrupt nature of the world market in general and the individual players (CEO’s) in particular. In recent years the Wall Street has become more of a channel for denying people of their hard earn money. The recently concluded Indian Premier League (IPL) was nicknamed by many as ‘League of Scandals’ greatly dented the image of the game of cricket. Our world is pervaded by corruption. Corruption is not something new but was and is and will continue to be a challenge. Balaam, who try to combine prophecy the service of God with the wages of iniquity/corruption was entailed by destruction. Judas made his final decision to betray Jesus was under the influence of money. The medieval papal ecclesiastical organization because of its corrupt and immoral disposition make the reformation a certainty.

The big question for us is, how do we face this challenge? We are not beyond its reach. We have read the lives of Abraham, Moses, Danial, Paul, Timothy, Stephen and the likes who shone brightly for Christ and His mission. We are called by the very same God and are given the same Holy Spirit given to the aforementioned persons to live our lives like theirs playing our role as part of the body of Christ. Corruption has no place in the lives of Christians or in the church administration as well. All for the grace of God let us not behave like Balaam who tempts the Lord as if He might change his purpose, and allow him to earn the wages of iniquity/corruption Kaiaphas who chose the glory of this world rather than the Son of God or, Judas who sold Jesus for a paltry 30 pieces of silver.

Corruption is one of the greatest wrongs that a person can commit especially if it involves the church money, which is offered to God by His people out of love and duty. Even a single paise misspend out of the church coffer tantamount to robbing/stealing from God. Dear yoke fellow in Christ you have been freed from sin now it is up to you to live that life out given to you by Christ upon His death on the cross. We are member of God’s household. As such we are urge to live a live worthy of the calling we received in Christ. The question is how will I be sanctified to be saved? Instead the question given to you by God in Christ is as you have been sanctified in Christ my Son how would you like to act out your part in that life of yours? God lovingly calls us to glorify His name and be a blessing to everything, yes everything, we do.

Corruption Watch, a non governmental organization that works to eradicate the problem. Everyone, every time, everywhere can become part of the corruption or could be the target of corruption. U.S. government officials, scholars on Indonesia and human rights activists widely praise Indonesia for successfully transitioning to democracy after three decades of strongman rule under President Suharto ended in 1998. But they say corruption has worsened since then, after Indonesia began holding free and fair elections. “Corruption is pervasive from the soccer league to the supreme court,” said one U.S. government official, speaking on the condition that they not be named “There is a saying among businessmen that if you have to enter the court system to mediate a dispute, you have already lost.”

One businessman, speaking on background, said in order to have ships unloaded at port and the cargo shipped inland, bribes had to be paid to government officials. The pervasiveness of corruption threatens to taint Indonesia’s transition to democracy, according to Franz Magnis Suseno, an Indonesian Jesuit scholar of German origin who writes about political philosophy and lives in Jakarta. American government officials agree that corruption is a blemish on Indonesia’s transition to democracy. Speaking on background, U.S. government officials say on the one hand, the country now has a vibrant free press and active civil society with non governmental organizations focusing on many issues from the environment women’s rights to fighting corruption.


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